For the moment there are two ways to install the donaki magical button:

- if your website is running under WordPress/Woocommerce, download the plugin and follow the instructions, easy peasy

- if your website is home made, download the html code and insert it to your product pages

If your website is running under another CMS (Prestashop, Spotify, Magento, ...) contact us, we plan to developp all those plugins too.


donaki for Woocommerce
  1. download the zip file
  2. open the administration page of your website
  3. select plugin menu, and upload a plugin
  4. select the file 
  5. follow the instructions on screen 

donaki button in html
  1. download the html file (very soon)
  2. insert it in the code of your product page
  3. insert it to your product loop pages too
  4. for a maximum efficacity, put it near the "add to cart" button
  5. in case of problem, report it, we will help you