What are the advantages of having the donaki button on my shop ?

ou spent energy, time, and money to attract your visitors, isn't ?
And most of your visitors do not buy items. Are they lost for ever ?
More than 80% normally are.
The reasons are multiple for a visitor not buying your items at his first visit:
- need of reflexion time,
- busy with other things at the moment,
- don't have his credit card,
- don't have the money to spend for your item NOW,
- urgently need to go catch the children at school, 🙂
- ...
There are hundreds of reason why your lovely visitor is not buying your item, and more than 80 % will buy it later at someone else shop.
What a shame.
The time you spend to attract a visitor is lost, and by the way the time your visitor spent to find your website is lost too.
But NOW you have the donaki magical button.
Thanks to it, your visitor can with one click memorize YOUR items in his donaki universal wishlist.
He will than be able to come back exactly where he saw YOUR item and buy it immediatelly when he needs or wants it.
That's the first main advantage.
What is the second biggest advantage of having the donaki button on my shop ?
donaki is also a social network where the members can share their wishlists with their close friends.
The friends can immediately visit YOUR shop by clicking on the product shown in his friend list.
Hop hop hop, one more visitor on your website.
The very good point for you is that this visitor is called an enriched visitor.
It's a visitor which has been advised by his friend to come in your shop. It increases drastically the probability of sales.
And this generate a snowball effect because this friend can also fill his list with YOUR items.
Is there a third advantage of using the donaki button ?
🙂 🙂 🙂
Yes you are right there are much more than 2 advantages.
Here a short list:
- Each link created by the donaki members is referenced and increase your SEO score
- Your shop is listed on the shopping page on donaki
- one more SEO referrence
- but much more visitors on your shop from donaki members looking for presents or ideas
- donaki is the universal application to memorize our wishes and share it with our friends, you can be part of it
- no need for you to install a wishlist plugin on your store that no one is really using.
- donaki will provide you statitics between your shop and donaki,
- ... share your experience and let's grow together. Tell me what you need from me